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Defined by Nature. Led by Science.


The #1 Luxury British Skincare Brand.

Your skin, your body and your wellness lie at the heart of ELEMIS.

Every GROUND-BREAKING formula is an innovative blend of science with the chemistry of nature, carefully crafted by a dedicated team of explorers, scientists and skincare experts.

Encompassing the most POWERFUL biological actives available from both ‘above and below’ the earth’s surface, ELEMIS’ meticulous attention to detail, pioneering formulas and remarkably transformative RESULTS are what truly sets our skincare apart.


Pure Results

Pioneering products prescribed for individual skincare and lifestyle needs. SCIENTIFICALLY-PROVEN.


Sourced From Nature

Powerful biological actives from above and below the earth’s surface, combined with intricately blended aromatics. HAND IN HAND.


Sourced From Nature

Powerful biological actives from above and below the earth’s surface, combined with intricately blended aromatics. HAND IN HAND.

Scientific Innovation

High-performance formulations developed using cutting-edge science and technology. GROUND-BREAKING.

Ever Evolving

An unwavering commitment to understanding the relationship between nature and humanity. PERSONALISED.

Ever Evolving

An unwavering commitment to understanding the relationship between nature and humanity. PERSONALISED.




Our scientific objective has always been to provide skin and body care of the highest quality and efficacy. Blending superior botanicals and laboratory-made ingredients such as peptides and anti-oxidants, we create formulations that undergo meticulous clinical and consumer testing. We are dedicated to delivering products that visibly renew and enhance the appearance of skin, offering truly remarkable results.



ELEMIS is dedicated to exploring our global ecosystem and supporting its communities. Our plant-based botanicals are sourced from all corners of the globe. Chosen for their uniqueness, potency, dynamic properties and efficacy, our scientists expertly hand-blend these in development to produce revolutionary, cutting-edge formulas.

We start with an IDEA, we create a VISION, we believe in our vision and we make it happen. We love to learn, to travel, to create, to share our knowledge and move FORWARD, never standing still.



In 1989, Entrepreneur, Investor & Co-Founder Linda Steiner had a dream to formulate a retail range ‘as near to nature as possible’ with ‘no expense spared’ creating ELEMIS in 1990 in London. Noella Gabriel joined the founding team as a leading professional therapist and educator of the Elemis range. Sean Harrington soon joined forces to help change the direction of Elemis to provide a range for professional salons and spas, whilst Oriele Frank joined to push the boundaries of the brand and develop Elemis through innovative marketing, packaging, design and new product development.

In 1996 Elemis was acquired by the world’s largest spa service provider Steiner Leisure and Linda Steiner retired, handing the reigns fully to Sean, Noella and Oriele. They continued to work on the ‘New Vision of Elemis’ reworking all the branding, formulations and packaging for the future. A new logo was developed, over 600 new packaging components were sourced, and the brand was relaunched in 1998. Noella continued to create new ground-breaking treatments and homecare products, whilst Oriele developed the brand concepts, packaging and flagship spa in Mayfair.

Today this trio of co-founders still work together with the same formulator co-creating new treatments and products with Sean spearheading the strategy of the business and opening new markets and channels for the ELEMIS brand.


Co-Founder, CEO

Séan is the driving force behind ELEMIS ’ global expansion. A leading figure in the international skincare and spa industry, he has spearheaded this dynamic company since 1990. Séan is an inspiration in the skincare world, finding new avenues and development opportunities around every corner. Never being afraid to try new ideas and always challenging the brand to be the best it can be, Séan pushes the boundaries of the company demanding that every new concept is the ultimate the industry has to offer. If it doesn’t meet these standards then it is back to the drawing board.


Co-Founder, President

Noella has been the beating heart of ELEMIS since 1990. She inspires every team member with her forward thinking for the brand, creating all the treatments and developing every multi-award winning product. Always striving relentlessly for exquisite textures, aromatics and unique actives, every product must deliver real results. Her knowledge and passion for training is world re-nowned and seeing ELEMIS make the difference is her mission. Noella’s Elite trainers treat over six and a half million people a year.


Co-Founder, UK Managing Director

Oriele makes all things ELEMIS happen. She creates and develops every aspect of the brand from the product concept to formulation, packaging to marketing, brand design to retail stores and visual merchandising. She is always working on the future to ensure the brand never stands still. In addition to the ELEMIS homecare ranges, she has also created the House of ELEMIS , SkinLab, SpaPod and the British Airways ELEMIS Travel Spas.